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You can integrate VCC Live Chat with Facebook Messenger. This enables your Facebook page visitors and agents to communicate in real time via a social platform they already know and love. When a visitor sends you a message via your Facebook page, agents can instantly respond from within the VCC Live Desk application. Agents can see the visitor’s profile information as well as information about the page the visitor reaches out from.

Tip: You can also embed VCC Live Chat to your website. See Chat – Website Integration.

Warning: VCC Live Chat is currently in beta.

Table of Contents

To Integrate VCC Live Chat with your Facebook Page

  1. Select a project from the project list, then select Channels > Chat (Beta).
  2. Select the Integration tab.
  3. Press Login with Facebook.
  4. Enter your Facebook login credentials, then press Log in to sign in to Facebook.
  5. You will receive a prompt regarding information sharing and privacy settings. Select Okay.
  6. Facebook pages you manage will appear in the Facebook Messenger pane.
  7. Press Login with Facebook for the relevant Facebook page you wish to connect to your project.

Note: Only one Facebook business page can be connected to a project.

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