Voice File Name Parameters

You can define voice filenames using various parameters. Read about call recordings in the Downloading and Listening to Call Recordings section.


  • A parameter needs to be inserted between {curly brackets}.
  • Parameters must be separated with an underscore: _.
  • Special characters such as “:*?<>|” are replaced with an underscore: _.
  • Fix components in names must be inserted without curly brackets.

Parameter Sheet

Parameter Meaning Use as
id client identifier {id}
project.name project name {project.name}
project.id project identifier in your database {project.id}
starttime time when call started
  • default format {starttime},
  • shortened date format (yy-mm-dd) {starttime:Dm-%d},
  • shortened date format without hour, minutes, seconds and hyphen {starttime:m%d},
  • full format without hypens (yearmonthdayhourminutesecond) {starttime:DmHS}
  • direction call direction (outbound or inbound) {direction}
    disposition.name disposition name belonging to the call {disposition.name}
    disposition.exportname disposition export name belonging to the call {disposition.exportname}
    field.<fieldname> any client data belonging to the recorded call (number of fields) eg. {field.name} = customer name
    agent.username call handler’s username {agent.username}
    source phone number belonging to the call {source}
    destination called phone number {destination}
    disposition.description disposition description {disposition.description}
    disposition.reach disposition qualification {disposition.reach}
    disposition.id disposition {disposition.id}
    uuid call identifier {uuid}
    part defines voice file part’s folder name and the part’s name {part}
    agent.custom.<fieldname> custom agent identifier belonging to the voice file, and added to the agent if you have eg. a property field, than: {agent.custom.property}

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