Setting up After-work Limits

Reading Time: 1 minute

You can set up after-work limits. If an agent is in an after-work state and reaches or exceeds the limit, the system warns the user.

Table of Contents

To Set Up a Global Afterwork Limit

  1. From the VCC Live® menu, select Contact center > Global settings.
  2. Select the Project preferences tab.
  3. Enter the timer, as well as soft and hard limit values.
  4. Press Save.

To Set Up a Project-specific Afterwork Limit

  1. Select a project from the project list, then select the Limits tab.
  2. In the After call work limits pane, unmark the Use default limits for afterwork checkbox.
  3. Select an option from the What happens when the hard limit is reached drop-down list to define the result of exceeding limits.
  4. Set the limit values.
  5. Press Save.

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