Releasing News for Agents

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Supervisors can publish multilingual news items within VCC Live® Desk, which appear in pop ups on agents’ screens after they log in.

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To Create a News Item for Agents

  1. From the VCC Live® menu, select User Management > News for agents, then press Plus icon.
  2. Select the Published field, then select the desired date and time. Agents will receive the news item at the specified time.
  3. If it is not marked, mark the Active checkbox.
  4. Select a language tab depending on the language the news item is in.
  5. Select the Subject field, then enter the news item’s subject.
  6. Select the editor field, and add the news item you wish to publish. You can customize and format your text using the formatting toolbar.
  7. Press Save.

Note: A news item written in a specific language tab will appear only to those agents who use VCC Live® Desk with the same language settings.

To Obligate Agents to Read All News

  1. From the VCC Live® menu, select User Management > News for agents.
  2. Mark the Require agents to read news before login checkbox. Agents will be required to open each news item before closing the News window.

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