Using the Agent Browser

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The Agent Browser can be accessed by you after login, and is available to you whether you are in a call or not. Admins can add up to 10 websites to the agent browser.

Tip: We recommend admins add websites that provide useful information for you, such as a company home page, browser-based CRM system or web-mapping service.

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To Use the Agent Browser

  1. Press VCC Live Agent Browser icon on the taskbar to access the browser.
  2. Use the navigation buttons to navigate your way around.

Note: When the title of a webpage that is currently open in the browser changes, the tab starts blinking to indicate web notifications.

VCC Live Agent Browser screenshot

To Navigate Your Way Around

  • Press VCC Live Agent Browser Home icon to return to the original web page.
  • Press VCC Live Agent Browser Back icon to navigate to the previous page.
  • Press VCC Live Agent Browser Forward icon to navigate one page forward.


You can use variables in the URL.

variable description
{agent.username} Agent username.
{} Agent ID.
{} Project ID.
{agent.custom.} Represents a custom field’s value, only if a custom field is setup.

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