Handling Emails and Tickets

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VCC Live® Desk helps agents handle queries in a centralized ticketing system by converting customer emails into support tickets.

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Notification Badges

You can see the number of new emails and open tickets by glancing at the email icon on the taskbar.

VCC Live Desk Notification Badges

Emails and Tickets

The emails and tickets interface lists all new inbound emails, ongoing tickets, and tickets awaiting your response. You can assign a new email to a new or already existing client and open a ticket for the query, or create a new ticket from scratch.

VCC Live Desk Email and Ticket System screenshot

name description
Inbound emails New emails.
Open tickets Ongoing tickets awaiting a reply from the agent.
Waiting tickets Ongoing tickets awaiting a reply from the customer.

To Access Emails and Tickets

  1. Press Email button on the taskbar to open the email and ticket lists.
  2. Press View spam emails button to view the spam folder, or press Refresh button to refresh emails and tickets.

To Create a New Ticket

  1. Press Create Ticket button to create a new ticket, or select a new email.
  2. If you want to assign the email to an existing client, use the Search for records pane to search for a record, and then select the customer. If you want to assign the email to a new client, use the Create new record pane, and fill in the required information, then press Create.

Handling Tickets

When you open a ticket, you can view all the information related to the client, for example, contact details, other tickets assigned to the client, chat and email threads, and the event history.

VCC Live Desk Ticket UI Screenshot

To Reply to an Email

  1. Once the email and ticket interface is open, select an email.
  2. Enter the subject, compose your message, then press Send.

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