Introduction to VCC Live® Desk

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VCC Live® Desk is a comprehensive cloud-based contact center platform that provides contact centers with tools and services they need in order to give customers high-quality support.

VCC Live Desk Cover Illustration

Why Choose Cloud-Based?

Using a cloud-based solution means that, by installing a single software application, contact centers can provide a full spectrum of incoming and outgoing multichannel services – phone, email, SMS, and chat. The integration and maintenance of a cloud-based solution does not require any additional IT developments or investment, and is easy to deploy. As well as being cost-efficient, it can be quickly integrated into your work processes, and your agents and supervisors can use the service anytime, anywhere, even from their homes.

Tip: You can calculate how much you can optimize your costs, margin, and sales by using VCC Live® Desk. See Online Calculators.

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