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About This Chapter

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This chapter features tutorials that guide you through the basic features of VCC Live® Desk. From creating a basic project to making your first call, you will gain the knowledge needed to set up a simple call center.

First Steps — User Interface, Navigation, and Basic Settings

Get to know the user interface and navigation basics.
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Creating a Simple Database

Learn what a database is, what different types of databases there are, and how to create a simple database file using a spreadsheet application.
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Setting up Users

Learn how to create uers, and what different user types there are.
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Creating A Simple Project

Learn how to create and set up your very first project.
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The Basics of Outbound Projects

Discover what are the various types of dialers, and find out which dialer mode you should get started with.
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The Basics of Measurement Tools

Get an insight into the extensive number of measurement tools available, and find out why you will need to master them to become more productive.
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