Release center November 2023

November 2023

Displaying field values in User-based statistics

If you would like to track how many products your agents sell or what other activities they make, you can now use our upgraded Statistics field feature. When you mark a field in a project as ‘Statistics field’ and you add that field to your Agent Script, all numeric values will be added to the User-based statistics and you are able to track progress on an Agent or Project-level with the ability to filter by date. You can also build Custom KPIs using these fields. If you are using the same fields in multiple projects, the related values will also appear in the same KPI. Read more about it here.

Possibility to continue chat sessions later

So far, agents were unable to save and close a ticket until a chat session was in progress. This caused a problem when the agent required a lengthy investigation and a longer time to reply to the client. We have added an option for the agent to close a ticket while the chat is in progress. In this case, the agent has the possibility to reopen the ticket later on and continue the session from where it ended when it was closed.

Timezone data in APIs

We are adding Timezone data to our APIs so that you’ll be able to see timestamps in UTC time as well. This helps you get a clear view about exactly when certain events happened.

Other updates:

  • The SMS history of a record can now be exported to a PDF on the admin interface
  • Timezone settings are now considered when exporting Payment transactions with Mass export
  • Short ID of the call is now displayed for agents
  • Various other errors have been fixed, solving problems such as:
    • In certain cases Real-time KPIs on Dashboards refreshed with a lag
    • Mass Email account couldn’t be created in certain cases
    • Agents were unable to close a chat conversation in some scenarios
    • Certain emails couldn’t be opened which were sent from an invalid address
    • Incorrect email templates were sent when using multiple templates in the Script Email template selector
    • An IVR Test call and a Real call provided different results if certain operations were used in the IVR
    • Certain agents didn’t appear in Project User-based statistics
    • Calls didn’t go to the answering machine process in an IVR in certain cases
    • Anonymization didn’t work properly when user changed the name of the Anonymized disposition
    • Project login time calculation for Agents has been restored