Release center June 2024

June 2024

Browser-based Admin interface (Early Beta)

The Admin and Supervisory interface is receiving a brand new look and is compatible with all major browsers. You can get access to it and test the features that are continuously being added. New self-service functionalities are also exclusively available only in this version. Reach out to us if you are interested.

Display agents on specific breaks on Dashboard

When using the Dashboard, you are now able to add all of your break codes separately from the Real-time KPIs, this way you can easily visualize how many agents are currently present on each break code.

Other new features released

  • Opening hours settings no longer accept invalid settings (e.g., opening time being later than closing time). This affects the following settings: Outbound IVR, Inbound working hours, Phone field settings, Chat queue settings, Email queue settings
  • The default value for Waiting time in the queue has been increased to 10,000 seconds (from 300 seconds). The maximum value is also limited to 10,000 seconds. If there is no following process defined, the call will be hung up by the system when the time is reached.
  • New functionality is available in Power and Predictive dialing, with which you can override the default dropped disposition to any other shared callback or finished disposition.

Other bugfixes fixed this month

  • During predictive dialing, some agents could get stuck in ‘Waiting for call’ state if the customer hangs up the call within a timeframe
  • Some agents appeared to be on Technical break twice when they did not pick up an inbound call
  • On some accounts, calls were disconnected when transferring an outbound call initiated by the predictive dialer
  • Calls in Progress KPI on the Real-time monitoring showed an incorrect value for outbound projects when a customer hung up a call in a certain timeframe
  • The network information page showed an error if the user was in Kiev timezone
  • In some cases, the attended transfer was transferred to an incorrect number
  • A record could have multiple disposition events after an outbound SMS in a certain setup
  • The OIVR limit for an account wasn’t applied properly and required a service restart