Release center October 2023

October 2023

Managing SMS messages with Customer records

We have enhanced the way you can manage SMS messages in VCC Live. In the Records list, you are now able to select only those records which had a related inbound or outbound SMS. Inbound and outbound SMS messages are now displayed in the record’s event history and the last inbound SMS message also appears in the list. You can now filter for last inbound or outbound SMS time or search by the content of the last inbound SMS as well.

Creating templates for Agent skills

Previously, when you had many agents in a large amount of queues in your inbound processes, managing their skills in the queues could be was more time-consuming. To help you streamline your processes, we have introduced a new feature, with which you can create a template for agent skills – this can be easily reapplied to other agents as well. This way, it becomes very easy to set up a typical skill set for them.

Interested in receiving notifications in Microsoft Teams or Slack from VCC?

If you are using Microsoft Teams or Slack, you might be interested in receiving notifications when a successful sales call is made or a new user is created in VCC Live. Using VCC’s webhook capability, you can easily set up an integration with your preferred tool. 

Read more about it here and here. You can also read more about VCC’s webhooks here

Other updates:

  • Kazakh language is now available in Ttext-to-speech for voice file generation and in the IVR
  • In Script SDK when using setDisposition, you can now define whether to use Save & Recall. Read more about this update here
  • VCC Live for Salesforce is now available in Polish language as well
  • Various other errors have been fixed, solving problems such as:
    • Sound files couldn’t be played in some cases when initiating Quality Management from Real-time monitoring
    • Transferring to a process from a script didn’t work when using VCC Pay
    • An error occurred when moving a sending email account to a different project
    • VCC Live froze in certain cases during an inbound call
    • The Remove option didn’t work in an IVR when using a variable
    • In VCC Live for Salesforce agents from other projects temporarily appeared when initiating custom call or transfer to an agent
    • In VCC Live for Salesforce, agents were only able to search other agents by username and not by full name