Release center January 2024

January 2024

Microsoft Azure speech-to-text in IVR

We have extended our Speech-to-text functionality; you are able to select Microsoft Azure to transcribe customers’ speech in an IVR in more than 100 languages. Read more about IVR processes here.

Displaying agent status per queue

On your Dashboards and User-based statistics you can now add filters per queue to demonstrate the number of agents in a given state for one or more queues. With this functionality, you can now see how many agents are available or online in a given queue. Read more about creating custom KPIs here.

New API endpoints and documentations are available

  • Listing online users is now available via API as documented here.
  • A new Script SDK function has been added, with which you can set a timeout for a function (e.g. for starting voice recording). Read about it here.
  • Retrieving the user activity log is now available via API.

Other updates

  • We added more examples about how to use Zapier to capture leads from external systems
  • We added a new FAQ about VCC Live for Salesforce
  • Agents are now able to refresh Event history on a record during a call
  • Various other errors have been fixed, solving problems such as:
    • Dashboards didn’t show correct statistics in case certain project actions were done
    • Ideal agent number wasn’t displayed properly on Global inbound statistics
    • System displayed error messages when navigating between parent and child folders
    • Polish female Text-to-speech didn’t produce a result
    • Mass email sending failed if Records list was sorted on a column
    • Longest waiting time on Dashboards showed incorrect result
    • Voice was delayed on some calls where a lengthy hold happened
    • Performance issues occurred when saving agent skill template
    • Unexpected errors happened in some cases when switching to Custom Call
    • Copy to Clipboard button disappeared on User-based statistics when switching to smaller window
    • Variable was incorrectly populated in SMS templates in certain cases
    • Real-time monitoring did not refresh automatically in some features
    • IVR webhook timeout exceeded 5 seconds in some cases
    • Missing error notification when cookies were blocked for a user while using VCC Live for Salesforce