Release center May 2024

May 2024

New VCC site in Johannesburg

A new VCC site in Johannesburg is now available for customers. From this site, VCC can seamlessly serve customers in the southern, middle and eastern parts of Africa. All existing VCC capabilities are also available here.

Please contact us if you would like to know more.

New features released this month

  • The API endpoint for online users now also includes the time spent in the most recent state. See guide here
  • Transfer to numbers in a phone book now appears on a separate tab for agents and it can be enabled without adding the right to transfer to a custom number
  • There is added security for unintentional modification of record anonymization settings including a captcha. This event now also appears in the User activity log.
  • In User-based statistics and in the Email log users can now see the number of emails per account type (SMTP or VCC provider)

Other updates

  • Supervisors are now unable to listen in to calls made by members of their teams in projects that they are not part of. Users now receive a warning if such calls would startCDR log and API endpoints now include whether the call was analyzed by AMD or not.
  • Users receive a notification when uploading a script that includes onLoad event and voiceRecording functions as the combination of these might cause malfunctions
  • Various other errors have been fixed, solving problems such as:
    • In VCC Live for Salesforce, Contact cards also opened when the user initiated a custom call or click-to-call
    • Some outbound emails were incorrectly labeled as inbound when opened by a supervisor
    • Power and predictive dialer calls could be hung up by an agent in certain states
    • The agent couldn’t scroll through an email’s content when a very large picture was attached
    • In some cases when using the predictive dialer, some records were stuck in dialing state
    • Saving changes to agent skills in the Agents menu in a project has become much faster
    • In some cases, the export displayed an error if the voice file name and URL were included in it
    • An email couldn’t be opened if it was sent from an invalid email address that exceeded 64 characters and automatic record creation was turned on
    • An unexpected call hangup happened when the score field included an apostrophe (‘) sign
    • The next callback date in the following reports now appears in the user’s timezone when exporting or copying to a clipboard and using Timezone settings: Records, Records list, CDR Log, Events
    • When a user overrides a callback date and there are timezone settings in a project, then the callback date now appears correctly for an agent
    • Certain VCC Pay transactions remained in ‘In progress’ state, when the transaction was initiated while no call was in progress.
    • The speed of ticket search on the agent interface has been enhanced when searching for sender, recipient or subject. Only those results are displayed where a word starts with the given search criteria 
    • Users can now log in without an issue with OAuth if the user is part of too many groups as well
    • On the contact list of a record, for each contact now the latest disposition for the given contact is displayed, not the latest record-level disposition
    • The Real-time monitoring interface sometimes displayed an error message
    • When performing an email/ticket search by an agent, the search field is now disabled until the search is performed