Release center February 2024

February 2024

Introducing VCC Live for Hubspot

VCC Live is introducing its new native integration for Hubspot. With this app, Hubspot users can manage inbound and outbound calls without leaving the platform itself. The app supports click-to-call, power and predictive dialing, as well as inbound calling capabilities that are already available to existing VCC Live users. Call logs can be also automatically synchronized with Hubspot after each call. Reach out to us to find out more about this product.

Integrating ticket data to your system with webhook

You can now easily integrate VCC Live with other ticketing systems like Zendesk or the CRM of your choice by using Ticket webhooks. With VCC’s latest event-based integration, the other system will be notified whenever a Ticket’s status changes in VCC, including when it is added, modified, closed, or deleted. With this integration, you can keep your system in sync with VCC Live where your agents work. Read more about the integration here.

Anonymize customer record data automatically

There was already a possibility in VCC Live to anonymize selected attributes of customer records that might contain personal information to comply with regulations such as GDPR. We have now enhanced this functionality and you are now able to define on the project level when the anonymization will happen. The anonymization of records will happen after a given period, which you can now define on the interface. The number of days can be defined based on the date when each record was imported into the database. Read more about this possibility here.

Monitoring agents’ connection

It can be a difficult task to find out if your agents have internet connection issues that could impact their work in VCC Live. To help you with this task, we have created a new monitoring tool that helps you check immediately which of your agents have internet connection issues that could impact your service. Read more about this solution here.

Other updates

  • We added a new guide about installing VCC Live on Ubuntu here
  • Various other errors have been fixed, solving problems such as:
    • OIVR calls redirected to inbound calls displayed the customer’s phone number incorrectly
    • Coloring of agents on Real-time monitoring and on Agent interface didn’t work when the soft or hard limit was reached
    • In VCC Live for Salesforce, the status bar opened after an agent break limit expired
    • IVR process failed in some cases if there was no response to an IVR  webhook
    • In VCC Live Archiver, the download command did not download already archived voice files
    • In some cases, exporting the user state log didn’t include all data