Release center March 2024

March 2024

Dialogflow CX Voicebot integration

You can now integrate your Google Dialogflow CX voicebots with VCC Live’s IVR and deploy voicebots for inbound or outbound communication. Dialogflow CX voicebots offer improved experience compared to Dialogflow ES bots (also available in VCC Live), including:

  • Advanced AI features including LLM capabilities, Knowledge base integration and sentiment analysis
  • Visual graph editor
  • Ability to deploy 1000 agents per Google project
  • Native support for DTMF handling, agent handover and speech timeouts
  • Biometrics voice identification to identify and verify users

Email webhook

From now on, you can synchronize your e-mails with a third party system by using webhooks in VCC Live. By setting up an email webhook in a project, all inbound and outbound emails will be sent to your system. Read more about it here.

Setting voice recording in an IVR

We are introducing a new IVR process with which you can turn on voice recording only in a specific area in an IVR regardless of project-settings. This can benefit you if you would like to allow voice recording only if customers have accepted this option beforehand.

Other updates

  • In an IVR when setting a disposition, shared callback dispositions can now also be selected
  • In Outbound Voice settings when using Predictive or Power dialing, the number of maximum simultaneous calls cannot be set to 0 from now (the minimum value is 1)
  • Sinhala has been added as a new language for TTS (Text-to-Speech)
  • In Zapier you can now use our built-in solution to retrieve a single voicefile
  • A new tutorial for our Campaign Manager is now available here

Various other errors have been fixed, solving problems such as:

  • The value of network timeout in Global settings didn’t show the correct value
  • When using break limit for agents, the rounding of percentage is now limited to 2 decimals
  • Improved error message if a file export from VCC Live cannot be opened due to another desktop application
  • The same email or ticket could be opened by the agent multiple times
  • In Real-time monitoring, color-coding for agents who have reached soft-, or hard-limits did not appear
  • Mexico City (GMT -6) was missing in the timezone selector
  • When setting mass callbacks for new records, in some cases phone2 or other phone numbers were called next
  • In VCC Live for Salesforce, reconnected audio devices can be immediately used
  • In some cases, users were moved to technical status during an ongoing call
  • In OAuth settings, data was displayed incorrectly on the UI
  • Tickets could not be opened from the Supervisor interface in some cases, even when tickets weren’t locked by any other agent
  • On the Dashboard, data appeared incorrectly in some cases where agents were logged in without being added to a queue
  • In some cases, a queue’s voice was played in a voicemail process
  • Phone book did not appear for some users during transfer when logged in to multiple projects
  • In some cases, an available agent didn’t get allocated with an inbound call