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Gets a specific controller item of a page.


vcc.getController(page: string, name: string): Controller | null

Searches page for controller by name. If found, returns the controller, otherwise returns null.

See Types of Controls for a list of available controls.


Name of control item.

The page name which contains the controller item. If missing, the current page is used instead.

Return values

Controller – The control item or null if there is no such control item.


We want to refresh the control in the news page.

vcc.getController('news', 'actual').refresh();

  • István Pálinkás

    This documentation segment contains conflicting statements. First row states: “Searches array for element and returns true if successful.” whatever “array” and “element” is supposed to mean, then “Return values” section states: “The control item or null if there is no such control item.”

    • VCC Live

      Hi István,

      Thank you for bringing this matter to our attention. We’ve fixed the issue.

      Kind regards,

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