Release center December 2022

December 2022

Automatic disposition based on incoming SMS

In certain markets, successful sales are only confirmed when the client sends an SMS to a given number with a predefined text in it (e.g. ‘YES’). 

We have added a new feature, which is available in Project / Channel / SMS and ‘Inbound SMS disposition’. When enabled, users are able to add text messages (and consider regex) and also select a disposition that will be used on receiving an SMSwith the provided text (case-insensitive). The disposition will be set to the record where there is a phone number matching (in case there are multiple matching records, then the record with the latest event will be selected). Multiple parameters can be added (they will be evaluated in order as on the interface). 

Read more about the feature here.

Automatic expiry of records in a project

Previously, there was no possibility to automatically expire records after a given time period in a project, as only the entire project could be deactivated.

We have added a new feature, which can be enabled in Project / General, which is called ‘Automatic record closing’. When enabled, the user is able to enter the number of days (between 1 and 365) and the disposition (only Finished dispositions can be selected) for the logic. Every evening, the logic will check each record in the project and set the selected disposition to those records, which have passed the given number of days since they have been uploaded to the database, and when they don’t have a disposition already which is not ‘New’.

The expiry date can be individually overridden for each record, as well on the interface or via API by entering a date (in YYYY-mm-dd format for attribute automatic_record_closing). When a date is modified for an individual record, then this date will be considered. Switching off the feature will remove each individual override. When the setting is changed, then it will affect previously loaded, but not closed records as well. The setting is also cloned when the project is cloned. 

Read more about the feature here.

Phasing out Global call statistics

We have updated the way you can access statistics in VCC Live.

As previously communicated, Global call statistics will be retired from the application and replaced by User-based statistics, which you can access via the ‘Logs and statistics’ menu. 

You can still temporarily find the Global call statistics via User-based statistics or by searching for it. However, these options will be removed in the future.

Please contact us if you have any questions about the User-based statistics. You can also read more about the feature here.

User state log – ticket, chat and email ID

Until now, record ID in the User state log was only displayed for calls, but not for any other activities.

Because of this, the user state log has been improved to include the record ID if the agent has handled chats, emails or tickets. Additionally, the ticket ID, chat ID and email ID have been also included for a clearer overview. The statistics and API has been also extended with these fields, while exporting or copying it to Clipboard will also include them from now on. 

Read more about the feature here.