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Gets every variable that can be used in a script page’s text control. For example {}.


vcc.getScriptVariable(name: string): string|null

List of available variables:

  • id
  • numberid
  • projectid
  • global.commission
  • global.price
  • agent.username
  • agent.status
  • agent.extension
  • agent.userid
  • agent.teams_name
  • agent.group_name
  • source
  • destination
  • global.ccphone
  • global.clientphone
  • global.dtmf
  • global.uuid
  • global.shortid
  • contact.title
  • global.ivr.(.+)$: equivalent withgetChannelVariable
  • ^agent.custom.(w*)$: return a customField


The name of the variable.

Return values

The value of the variable, or null if there is no source.


You want to insert the agent name into a field.

$().onLoad = function() {
     vcc.setFieldValue('agent', vcc.getScriptVariable(''));

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