Simple JS codes

Check mandatory field in before disposition set

$().beforeSetDisposition = function(disposition) {
	if (disposition.id == 11 && !vcc.getFieldValue("fieldName"))
		alert('This field is mandatory!');
		return false;

Transfer a call to an inbound process

$('oldal_name.button_name').afterSetData = function() {
	vcc.transfer('processid', true);

Transfer a call to a phone number

$('page', 'transfer_phone_button').afterSetData = function() {

Complex JS codes

Pinning the operators name into a text field

$('adatlap').onLoad = function() 	{
	var operatorUsername;
	var operatorUsername = vcc.getScriptVariable('agent.name');
	var operators = vcc.getFieldValues('agent_help');
	operators.forEach(function(item) {
		if (item.label === operatorUsername) {
			vcc.setFieldValue('agent_name', item.label);
			vcc.setFieldValue('agent_id', item.export_value);

Sending an HTTP (AJAX) request

// Get required informations on page onload event using AJAX
$('sample_page').onLoad = function() {
	// Create a request object to handle connection
	var request = vcc.httpRequest();

	// We want to send a request to the following url
	request.open('GET', 'http://www.google.com/robots.txt');

	// JavaScript is asynchronous, so we have to define
	// the onload callback before sending the request
	request.onload = function(e) {
		// just dumps the result to the console (your code goes here)
	// Send the HTTP request to the URL specified above

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