Authentication and Security

A lot of sensitive information can be accessed using Database API, so it is essential to configure it properly.

  • The Database API can only be reached from pre-defined IP addresses and IP ranges.
  • The authentication process is based on HTTP Basic Authentication.

Warning: Please set the IP address definitions as restrictive as you can, and keep your password safe at all times.

Setting up the API

Before you can access the API, you must register your IP address(es) and generate a password. See To Create a Token.

You can use the genarated URL example, similar to https://mycc:157f… For developing and testing you should use your desktop’s public IP address.

Authentication process

The Database API uses HTTP Basic Authentication. Both the username and password should be set in every HTTP request. Credential information can be added to either the URL or the request header.

Here is an example using credentials in URL:

For more information on HTTP Basic Authentication:

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