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Retrieve customised data and relevant information, such as disposition and CDR, of a given record.

Warning: Do not use this method to synchronize your own database with the VCC Live® database. Please use a Webhook instead. See About Webhooks.

Method GET
Resource https://[customer][projectid]/records/[numberid]
Options N/A
Body N/A
Body A record’s custom data, dispositions, and CDRs, encoded in JSON.


Resource parameters

Name Type Mandatory Comment
customer string yes Your organization’s identifier (subdomain).
numberid integer yes Record identifier.
projectid integer yes Project identifier.


Response object

Name Type Comment
cdrs array of objects Contains all Call Detail Record (CDR) information.
contacts object Contains all contact data related to the client that has been previously imported by a supervisor, or set by an agent. This object contains contact objects (see Contact object table), and the phone IDs (e.g., phone1, phone2) are used as keys.
data object Contains all user-specified data that has been previously imported by a supervisor, or set by an agent. If the value type is ‘simple’ or ‘multiple’, valueids are returned as a result.
events array of objects Contains all dispositions that have been set by the system, supervisor or agent.

Contact object

Name Type Comment
email string Email of the contact.
name string Name of the contact.
phone string Phone number of the contact.
title string Title of the contact e.g.: supervisor, Head of Customer Service.

Event object

Name Type Comment
attempted_connection integer Number of dial attempts by VCC Live’s predictive or power dialer.
client_search string Whether the record has been specifically searched for and selected by the agent. Possible values:
– yes
– no
commission integer Agent’s commission value for the record.
comp object If an agent sets an interval-based call-back, then the scheduled call-back details recorded in the system are displayed here.
create_date string Time the disposition is created, in YYYY-MM-DD hh-mm-ss format.
description string Comments on the disposition. Possible values:
– recorded by agent or supervisor
– updateimport (system)
– predictivedialer (system)
dispositionid integer Disposition ID in the database.
next_calldate string Time the record is next due to be called, in YYYY-MM-DD hh-mm-ss format.
phone string The specific telephone number within the telephone numbers belonging to the record, that will be called by the system.
recycled_as_new boolean Whether the supervisor has recycled the number as a new record. Possible values:
– true
– false
price integer Call centre’s commission value for the record.
shared_call boolean Whether the disposition is a shared call-back type or not. Possible values:
– true
– false
state string The agent’s status when setting the disposition e.g.: CALL, AFTERWORK.
type string Type of the dispositon’s modification. Possible values:
– dispositon
– recycle
– user_change
userid integer User’s identifier to whom the call is connected (-2 supervisor, -1 system, otherwise agent).
uuid string The call’s universally unique identifier, as set by the system.

Comp object

Name Type Comment
from string From what time the system should call the number (hh-mm-ss format).
period integer What time interval there should be between attempted calls by the system (in minutes).
to string Until what time the system should call the number (hh-mm-ss format).

CDR object

Name Type Comment
beforequeuetime integer Time spent before the call is placed in a queue (e.g. time spent in IVR), in seconds.
billing_ts string Time the conversation begins, in YYYY-MM-DD hh-mm-ss format.
billingtime integer Length of complete call, in seconds (including ivr, queue and conversation time, but excluding ringtime).
destination string Called phone number.
dispositionid integer Unique disposition identifier in the database set for the call.
dispositionreach integer Disposition summary. Possible values:
1: not reached
2: reached
3: successful
dispositionstatus integer Disposition type. See: status key
holdtime integer Duration/length of hold, in seconds.
numberid integer Unique record identifier in the database.
projectid integer Unique project identifier in the database.
queuetime integer If the call is placed in a queue, then the time spent in the queue, in seconds.
ringtime integer Duration/length of ringing, in seconds.
source string Caller’s phone number.
start_ts string Time the call is initiated, in YYYY-MM-DD hh-mm-ss format.
talktime integer Time during the call in which talking takes place, in seconds.
userid string Unique user identifier (-1 system, otherwise agent).
uuid string Unique call identifier.



Response body

    "response": {
        "data": {
            "name": "VCC Live",
            "phone2": "3619997400",
            "address": "8-14. Nagyenyed street, Budapest"
        "contacts": {
            "2": {
                "title": "Mr",
                "name": "Peter Green",
                "phone": "36203399877",
                "email": ""
        "events": [
                "type": "disposition",
                "dispositionid": 3,
                "next_calldate": "2015-07-07T09:10:47+02:00",
                "phone": "36203399877",
                "attempted_connections": null,
                "shared_call": null,
                "state": "AFTERWORK",
                "client_search": "no",
                "uuid": "0b4b4302-2477-11e5-8803-f9fe10f1f802",
                "comp": {
                    "from": "00:00",
                    "to": "00:00",
                    "period": "0"
                "price": 0,
                "commission": 0,
                "create_date": "2015-07-07 09:10:47",
                "userid": 6,
                "description": "client is busy!"
        "cdrs": {
            "rows": [
                    "uuid": "e78685dc-516a-11e5-863b-edb07dc0e690",
                    "source": "3619997400",
                    "destination": "36203399877",
                    "userid": 6,
                    "numberid": 2,
                    "start_ts": "2015-09-02 14:05:29",
                    "billing_ts": "2015-09-02 14:05:38",
                    "ringtime": 9,
                    "billingtime": 36,
                    "talktime": 36,
                    "queuetime": 0,
                    "beforequeuetime": 0,
                    "dispositionid": 3,
                    "dispositionreach": 1,
                    "dispositionstatus": 3,
                    "projectid": 3,
                    "holdtime": 0
            "totalCount": 1
    "errors": []

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