AI voicebot for contact centers

Handle inbound calls, assist customers, and provide information without any agents by using VCC Live’s AI voicebot feature.

Serve inbound callers fast

Use our conversational AI voicebot to resolve issues, route calls, and more.

  • Drive efficiency

    Conduct two-way conversation to resolve FAQs and conduct basic tasks without the need for any agent involvement.

  • Boost self-service

    Delight customers with availability at any time of day and provide customers with options to handle their own matters.

  • Go multilingual

    Take advantage of an AI voicebot that can converse and provide useful responses in over 90 different languages.

  • Combine with routing

    Utilize conversational IVR and automatic call distribution to help your customers connect with the right agents.

  • Use personalization

    Sync the AI voicebot with your CRM to provide customers with accurate information and a better overall CX.

  • Save costs

    Benefit from a reduced need for human agent involvement so they can spend their time on more important issues.

How does the AI voicebot work?

The solution can be used to handle incoming calls, assist customers, and provide information or support. Here’s how it can work for your contact center:

  • Call routing: Any inbound call can be first routed to the AI voicebot – which is ready to understand and respond to the customer’s queries
  • Natural language understanding: The voicebot uses Dialogflow’s NLP capabilities to understand the customer’s language and intent
  • Intent recognition: The voicebot recognizes the customer’s intent via a specific request (e.g. checking account balance or opening hours)
  • Dialog management: The voicebot will maintain an understanding of the conversation flow and is able to adapt and respond accordingly
  • CRM integration: The voicebot can be connected to other systems via webhooks to retrieve or even update customer information
  • Transfer to human agents: If the voicebot determines the request to be too complex, it can transfer the call to a human agent for resolution
  • Continuously improvement: Due to its AI capabilities, the voicebot learns from every interaction which improves effectiveness over time

What is Dialogflow?

VCC Live’s AI voicebot feature is powered by Google’s natural language understanding platform, Dialogflow.

It allows for the creation of chatbots, voice-controlled applications, and other interactive conversational technologies.

Dialogflow uses machine learning algorithms to understand and interpret inputs and generates appropriate responses.

With more customer interactions, the platform learns more about your customers thereby enabling continuously improved responses.

Given its integration abilities, it serves as a highly useful technology for supporting tools such as VCC’s AI voicebot.



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How G2 users rank VCC vs. other providers

We’re proud to be recognized by clients as one of the best solutions around.

VCC Live Avaya Genesys 8×8
Meets requirements 8.8 8.7 8.5 8.3
Ease of use 9.0 8.4 8.9 8.2
Ease of setup 8.7 7.5 8.2 7.5
Quality of support 9.0 8.2 8.1 8.0
Partnership 9.3 7.9 8.4 8.1
Product direction 8.6 7.1 8.6 7.9


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