Get Email Log

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Retrieve all email messaging related information in bulk.

Method GET
Resource https://[customer][projectid]/emails/[year]/[month]
Options start, num, direction
Body /N/A
Body Array of email objects, encoded in JSON.


Resource parameters

Name Type Mandatory Comment
projectid integer yes Project unique identifier
year integer yes year
month integer yes Month within the requested year. Possible values: 01-12


Name Type Mandatory Comment
start integer no Specifies the offset of the first email. Possible values: [0-9]+
num integer no Specifies the maximum number of CDRs to be returned. Possible values: [0-9]+
direction string no Specified the order how the response displayed. Possible values: “ASC”, “DESC”


Response object

Name Type Comment
rows array of object Array of email elements.
total count integer Number of email logs returned.

Email object

Name Type Comment
emailId integer Email unique identifier.
subject string Subject of email
to string Addressee email address.
firstLine string First line of the email (excerpt).
from string Sender.
receivedTime string Exact time email arrived.
lockTime string When the email got locked
emailSize integer Email size
isSpam integer Spam detected. 0=false
isVirus integer Virus detected. 0 =false
direction string inbound or outbound
dispositionId integer Disposition assigned to email.
templateId integer The unique identifier of email template used.
diagnosticCode string Error code
lockUser integer The unique identifier of the agent user editing the email.
title string Email subject.
ticketNo string Ticket number.
ticketId integer Ticket unique identifier.
entityId integer Default value: 0
contactId integer Contact unique identifier.
name string Contat name.
templateName string Name of the email template.
dispositionName string Disposition name.
fromAddress string Sender email address.


What it does and what information we get using this example.


Response body

    "response": {
        "rows": [
                "emailId": 1111,
                "subject": "Increase the number of agents",
                "to": "",
                "firstLine": "This is the first line of the email.",
                "from": "",
                "receivedTime": "2018-05-15 13:12:52",
                "lockTime": "2018-05-20 15:26:11",
                "emailSize": 413,
                "isSpam": 0,
                "isVirus": 0,
                "direction": "out",
                "dispositionId": 0,
                "templateId": 18,
                "status": "sent",
                "diagnosticCode": null,
                "lockUser": "-",
                "title": "increase the number of agents",
                "ticketNo": null,
                "ticketId": null,
                "entityId": 0,
                "contactId": null,
                "name": null,
                "templateName": "test",
                "dispositionName": "",
                "fromAddress": "",

        "totalCount": 1
    "errors": []

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