Cloning projects

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Copies a chosen project’s settings to a new project.

Method PUT
Resource https://[customer][projectid]
Options N/A
Body Name of the new project, encoded in JSON
Body The result, encoded in JSON


Resource parameters

Name Type Mandatory Comment
customer string yes Your account name. (subdomain)
projectid integer yes ID of the project your want to clone.

Request object

Name Type Mandatory Comment
name string yes Name of the new project.


See the examples.




Request body

    "name": "Customer Service UK"

Response body

    "response": 33,
    "errors": []

Possible errors

HTTP Code Message Description
417 error.required No name entered in [name] key.
417 error.projectname_already_exists The name added already exists in VCC’s database.
417 error.wrong_projectname_format The name added contains non-supported characters.
417 error.bad_arguments The HTTP Body can’t be interpreted eg: non-valid JSON format.
500 error.clone_project_error Unsuccessful cloning, the project was not created due to an error.

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