Modify contact

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Modify a record’s contacts.

Method PUT
Resource https://[customer][projectid]/records/[numberid]/contacts/[contact]
Options NA
Body Customised data, encoded in JSON.
Body Results whether the request is succeeded or not.


Resource parameters

Name Type Mandatory Comment
contacts integer yes Contact identifier.
customer string yes Your call centre’s unique identifier (subdomain).
numberid integer yes Unique record identifier.
projectid integer yes Unique project identifier.


Response object

Name Type Comment
response boolean States whether request is successful or not. Possible values:
– true
– false


This request sets contact informations to the second contact of the client.


Request body

    "title": "Supervisor",
    "name": "Peter Green",
    "phone": "3619997400",
    "email": ""

Response body – on success

    "errors": [],
    "response": true

Response body – on error

    "response": false,
    "errors": [
            "index": 1,
            "errorcode": 417,
            "errormessage": "error.wrong_email_format"

Possible errors

HTTP Code Message Description
417 error.contact_not_exists The contacts is not exists.
417 error.wrong_email_format The email format is not valid.

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