List records

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List records of a given project.

Note: When using the resource, you can get up to the first 10 items of the full list.

Method GET
Resource https://[customer][projectid]/records
Options start, num, fieldname, value
Body N/A
Body Array of records filtered by options, encoded in JSON.


Resource parameters

Name Type Mandatory Comment
customer string yes Your call center’s identifier (also called as account or subdomain).
projectid integer yes Unique project identifier.


Name Type Comment
fieldname string Result set can be filtered by fieldname and value parameters. Fieldname should be an indexed field, and can only be used in conjunction with the ‘value’ parameter.
num integer Specifies the maximum number of records to be returned.
start integer Specifies the offset of the first record.
value string Can only be used in conjunction with the ‘fieldname’ parameter. Searches with value% instead of %value%.


Response object

Name Type Comment
id integer Unique record identifier.
name srting Value of the record’s ‘name’ field (usually the customer’s name).



    "response": {
        "rows": [
                "id": 1,
                "name": "Stephen Green"
                "id": 2,
                "name": "Jack Wallis"
                "id": 3,
                "name": "Elizabeth Shawn"
        "totalCount": 3
    "errors": []

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