Add new value(s) to a field

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Values can be added to a project’s field.

Method POST
Resource https://[customer][projectid]/fields/[fieldid]/values
Options N/A
Body Array of value objects, encoded in JSON.
Body New valueID(s), encoded in JSON.


Resource parameters

Name Type Mandatory Comment
customer string yes Your call centre’s unique identifier (subdomain).
fieldid integer yes Field identifier.
projectid integer yes Unique project identifier.

Request object

Name Type Mandatory Comment
array yes Array of value objects.

Value object

Name Type Mandatory Comment
comission string no Agent’s commission.
description string no Simple description.
exportvalue string no Value’s export name.
name string yes Value name.
price string no Call centre’s commission.




Request body

        "name": "high school",
        "exportvalue": "HS",
        "description": "high school graduate",
        "commission": "100",
        "price": "200"
        "name": "university",
        "exportvalue": "U",
        "description": "university degree",
        "commission": "10",
        "price": "20"

Response body – on success

    "errors": [],
    "response": [

Response body – on error

    "errors": [
            "errorcode": 417,
            "index": 1,
            "errormessage": "error.name_must_be_between",
            "property": "name"
            "errorcode": 417,
            "index": 3,
            "errormessage": "error.name_must_be_between",
            "property": "name"
            "errorcode": 417,
            "index": 6,
            "errormessage": "error.value_name_already_exists",
            "property": "name"
    "response": {
        "0": 8,
        "2": 9,
        "4": 10,
        "5": 11

Possible errors

HTTP Code Message Description
417 error.adding_values_was_unsuccessful Unsuccessful addition, the values were not created due to an error.
417 error.name_must_be_between The name is too short or long.
417 error.value_name_already_exists The value already exists in VCC’s database.
417 error.wrong_value_format Missing value on a mandatory key.
417 error.wrong_values_format The values sent are not correctly defined as an array or object.

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