A perfect voice service means more than just good sound quality.

High-quality voice service

Providing excellent voice service requires the right monitoring tools.

  • VOIP monitoring
  • 20+ interconnects

High-availability telco service

An efficient telco solution is an indispensable part of a great voice service.

  • redundant interconnects
  • redundant equipment

International solution

International business operations without boundaries and constraints.

  • DID
  • number porting
  • A-Z solution

Clients who already use our voice service include

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What makes a seamless voice service:


International Call Termination

High quality
Large number of channels


Outbound Call Features

Predictive, power and manual dialer
Number rotation



Group ringing
Address book


International DID Numbers

Toll-free and shared-cost
Number porting


Inbound Call Handling

Comprehensive IVR , ACD
Skill-based routing
Call transfer (attended/blind transfer)



Real-time monitoring
CDR with telco fees
Inbound call statistics
Outbound call statistics

Keep your phone lines running smoothly while monitoring voice quality

Our voice service uses real-time monitoring systems that keep track of voice packet transmission quality. If for any reason voice quality levels need improvement, the monitoring system immediately addresses the issue and automatically performs the required adjustments, thus guaranteeing consistently impeccable voice quality.

Maintain high availability with a reliable telco service provider.

VCC Live’s voice solution is designed in a way that allows for multiple simultaneous interconnects to service providers and equipment components. If the voice quality monitor notices any issues in line quality, it automatically switches between service telco providers, thus allowing you to maintain not only high voice quality, but also a highly available telco service.

Allow your business to thrive no matter where you are in the world.

Every successful contact center needs a reliable voice service provider. Number porting and creating international DID numbers doesn’t need to be a costly investment. As an experienced voice service provider we can bring you a full A-Z solution and technology offering, including all the required phone numbers, cheap call tariffs, and voice quality monitoring you need at any place of business.

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