Multichannel call center software

Meet your customers on their preferred channels to boost CX, satisfaction, and loyalty.

Improve your call center with multichannel capabilities

Explore the wide range of benefits multichannel call center software offers – from more productive agents to scalability.

  • Boost customer

    Go multichannel to give your customers the opportunity to contact you through their most frequently used platforms.

  • Increase agent

    Enable your agents to handle more queries and resolve simple requests through automation features.

  • Save time
    and costs

    Reduce costs and lenghty processes by using one central platform for all your channels instead of separate ones.

  • Scale

    Scale up during seasonal spikes or scale down in quieter periods seamlessly with a multichannel solution.

  • Promote

    Be available on multiple channels so that people with disabilities can contact you through their preferred methods.

  • Allocate
    resources well

    Monitor all channels in one place to pinpoint which ones require more attention based on customer demand.

Be present across all channels

In VCC Live, each communication channel is supported by various features to make your operation run smoothly. These include:

  • Voice channel with inbound and outbound capabilities, such as predictive dialer, automatic call distribution and a customizable IVR system.
  • Email communication with automated mail routing, mass sending options and ticketing.
  • SMS platform with personalization options, integrations and automation options.
  • Chat capabilities with canned responses, response time parameters and easily forwardable chat logs.
  • Chat app integrations with key players, such as WhatsApp, Instagram, Messenger or Viber.
  • Social media channels with the ability to manage all company SM accounts through VCC Live.

Powerful features to boost your operation

KPI Dashboard for real-time awareness

VCC Live’s highly customizable KPI dashboard allows you to track the numbers that are the most meaningful to your business. The system offers a wide range of pre-set metrics, but you can also set up your own ones.

The layout of your dashboard is easily re-organizable with a simple drag-and-drop method. Exporting the data from your dashboard is quick and easy; you can create detailed reports with just a few clicks.

explore KPI dashboard

VCC Live Pay for swift transactions

Provide an instant payment opportunity for your customers so they can use their card in a secure way while being on a call with your agents.

This can speed up payment processes and improve CX. By connecting this feature with inbound IVR, you can also create a comfortable self-service option.

explore in-call payments

Integrations for efficient processes

Enable your agents to access customer history, previous interactions and purchase records during calls and delight your customers with personalized conversations.  Save a lot of time by eliminating the need to switch back and forth between two platforms – keep track of everything in one place and keep customer data aligned in all your platforms.

You can also make your agents’ and customers’ lives easier with integrations that focus on data visualization and signing electornic documents without email back-and-forthing.

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VCC Live compared to other solutions

We take great pride in providing one of the best-rated contact center software solutions to our customers.

Check out the full G2 comparison here.

VCC Live Five9 Genesys NICE
Meets requirements 8.8 8.1 8.4 8.8
Ease of use 9.0 8.2 8.9 8.8
Ease of setup 8.6 7.6 8.3 7.9
Quality of support 9.0 8.0 7.9 8.4
Partnership 9.2 8.5 8.3 8.2
Product direction 8.8 6.9 8.4 8.2

Clients trusting our contact center software

Go multichannel with VCC Live

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Multichannel questions & answers

Although there is no single correct answer to this question, a report surveying over 17,000 consumers suggests that 59% of customers prefer to communicate via phone. What’s more, picking up the phone has become more popular over the past few years – in 2019, it was only 54% of customers’ first choice.

Of course, choosing your communication channels is more complicated than this. Factors such as the type of business you’re running, the cultural norms of your region and the age of your customers can also play an important role in your audience’s most preferred channels.

Providing swift responses and resolutions to your customers is a key element. However, messages and comments can easily get lost when there are lots of accounts to manage. Connecting these profiles to VCC Live enables agents to see and handle social media messages in one place, manage tickets and transfer queries.

This will largely improve customer satisfaction – as 76% of US users expect businesses to answer them on social media within 24 hours, your quick response time will definitely be appreciated.

With such advanced automation features, it’s natural to worry about losing human connection. While some people believe that automation enhances the way contact centers operate, some worry that it’ll eventually replace real agents.

We’ve interviewed three industry leaders on their thoughts about the state of automation in the contact center – check out their valuable insights to explore new perspectives.