FAQ & Troubleshooting Managing Projects FAQ

Managing Projects FAQ

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The most frequently-asked questions we receive regarding managing projects.

Table of Contents

A project has disappeared from the project list. Why?

  • Make sure the project search bar is empty.
  • Make sure that the project start and end date is correct, and is not outside the set period.
  • You may no longer have access to the project. See Assigning Agents to a Project and Managing Teams.

How do I activate projects?

Read more about activating projects in the To Activate or Deactivate a Project section.

How do I deactivate projects?

You can deactivate projects you don’t wish to use. See To Activate or Deactivate a Project.

Why is there a start and end date for a project?

Any project with dates outside the time period you set will not be visible to agents. Callbacks outside this time period can also not be set. See To Set a Start and End Date for a Project.

What does the number next to the project name mean?

It’s the project’s identification number (project ID). It helps in particular when searching your projects for a specific project.

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