Setting up Project Specific Webhooks

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You can set up roject-specific webhooks via the VCC Live Desk interface. Project-specific webhooks are executed only when the configured events occurs within a project’s scope.

Table of Contents

To Set up a Project-Specific Webhook

  1. Select a project from the project list, then select the Webhook tab.
  2. Press Add New Icon to add new.
  3. Select an option from the Event drop-down list. The event you select will trigger the webhook.
  4. Select an option from the Method drop-down list.
  5. Enter an address in the URL text field.
  6. Select an encryption method, then enter a password.
  7. Press OK to save changes.

Note: We recommend using HTTPS instead of HTTP.

Tip: You can add more than one setting in a project to utilize more than one URL.

To Test a Webhook Request

To Use Dynamic URLs

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