Async Webhook Requests

When one or more events occur, VCC Live can send the events’ details in the background to your server via asynchronous Webhook requests. A task with all relevant request details is created and is put into a queue.

Note: An asynchronous request lets the VCC Live Desk application continue to work without interruption while your request is being handled. This means that you can keep your system up-to-date without needing to make the application unresponsive.

Handling Responses

Read about responses in the Handling Responses section.

Note: Job congestion happens if requests are not stored and/or processed as quickly as events are generated in the VCC Live system.

Note: The first attempt of delivering a job usually takes a few seconds only, but may take up to a few minutes.

To Test Sync Webhook Requests

Read about the process in the To Test a Webhook Request section.

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