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How G2 users rank VCC Live vs. Vonage


VCC Live Vonage
Ease of use 9.0 8.9
Ease of setup 8.7 8.5
Quality of support 9.0 8.7
Partnership 9.3 8.8
Product direction 8.7 8.3


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Comparing VCC Live and Vonage







VCC Live

  • Typically one-month implementation
  • Extensive training by platform expert
  • Continuous customer care support


  • Designed for ease of use
  • Full omnichannel solution
  • Multitude of features included


  • Dedicated support team
  • Acclaimed for customer service
  • Available on all channels


  • Completely scalable to fit needs
  • Customizable features and reporting
  • Native and custom integrations


  • Consultative pricing around needs
  • Based on concurrent usage
  • All key features included in cost



  • Easy to setup
  • Dedicated training
  • Support included


  • Good dialer solution
  • Omnichannel
  • Limited integrations


  • User-friendly interface
  • US-based customer team
  • Only chat support


  • Customizable reporting
  • Fewer native integrations
  • Fewer customization options


  • Competitive base price
  • Add-on costs for most features
  • Add-on costs for integrations

Why choose VCC Live over Vonage?


VCC Live is a cloud-based contact center solution for managing the full scope of inbound and outbound activities.

  • Inbound features such as omnichannel, ACD, IVR, and more
  • Outbound features including outbound IVR and voicemail detection
  • Dedicated support from genuine platform experts
  • Integrations with any of your trusted business tools
  • Ease of use prioritized with a user-friendly platform
  • Fully customizable in features, settings and reporting
  • No IT involvement needed for implementation and use
  • Tailored pricing based on needs, concurrent usage and agents


Watch some of VCC Live’s features in action

Watch this video to see what our predictive dialer is capable of. We’ll show you how to quickly upload your dial list, update settings, and start making calls.

Use our automatic dialer to:

  • Increase talk time and reduce wait time
  • Make your agents more productive
  • Reduce frustrations related to waiting for connections

VCC Live’s IVR system helps you handle more calls and better use your agents’ time by giving interactive options to your callers. Check out the video to get familiar with what’s it like to set up, edit and test IVR trees in VCC Live.

  • Add and edit IVR buttons on-the-fly
  • Apply changes instantly without deployment time
  • Make test calls simulating any time and date to experience the same as your callers
  • Sync your IVR tree with a CRM to make real-time changes in your IVR
  • Add voice identification for additional security and flexibility

VCC Live gives you access to sophisticated functions which you can fully set up yourself, without involving the IT team. For example, you can build and run automated voice campaigns with as many interactive options (IVR) as you like.

Use automatic voice calling to:

  • Send overdue payment reminders (debt collection)
  • Send appointment reminders and notifications
  • Run automatic surveys (for example NPS)

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VCC Live vs. Vonage

VCC Live represents an excellent alternative to Vonage based on several factors. VCC Live outscores Vonage across all categories based on user reviews due to the platform’s ease of setup and use, campaign management, customization, integrations, dialer options, reporting capabilities, dedication to users, and more competitive pricing.

VCC Live provides a far more consultative approach to its plans and pricing than Vonage. The plans are based on more precise needs for users and aren’t solely designed for large-scale organizations. VCC Live will hold discovery calls with new customers to understand exact challenges and build a solution accordingly. Also, VCC Live’s pricing is based on concurrent usage, enabling users to scale user licences up and down according to capacity. Check out VCC Live’s plans here:

VCC Live’s customer are proven to be the most satisfied based on customer reviews. The contact center software firm offers a comprehensive contact center solution enabling customers to manage the full scope of their activities. With no user coding or development required, VCC Live provides an easy-to-use platform that’s proven to help its customers succeed.

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