Payment Transaction (Async)

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When either a successful or an unsuccessful payment occurs, the following object is sent to your site, encoded in JSON.

Table of Contents

Request Object

Name Type Comment
client_data object Custom data object, including contacts.
in_call boolean True if the payment happened during the phone call. Payment can happen after the call if the payment process takes longer than the conversation.
numberid integer Record identifier.
payment object Payment object.
projectid int Project identifier.
teamids array of integers Array of teamids.
timestamp string Time of disposition setting, in ISO 8601 format.
userid integer Agent identifier.
username string Agent username.
uuid string Call identifier.

Payment Object

Name Type Comment
amount number Amount of payment.
card_expiration sting Expiration date (MMYY).
card_number_length number Card number’s lenght.
card_number_trailing string Card number’s last 4 characters.
currency string Currency of payment in lowercase ISO 4217 format.
payment_gw string The payment gateway’s identifier.
payment_type string Type of the payment. Currently credit card is the only supported value.
status string Status of the payment:
– succesful
– unsuccesful
status_message string Status message if there is any.
token string Unique payment identifier generated by VCC. This token is used for recurring payment.
transactionid string A unique number, that represents the payment.
vposid string Virtual POS identifier.

Sample Request Body

    "payment": {
        "payment_type": "creditcard",
        "card_number_trailing": "1234",
        "card_number_length": 16,
        "card_expiration": "1218",
        "payment_gw": "testgw",
        "transactionid": "431fba930c344aa0b6d64458824036d1",
        "amount": 100000,
        "currency": "huf",
        "status": "successful",
        "status_message": "cde.success",
        "vposid": null,
        "token": null,

    "in_call": true,
    "uuid": "a7587a1a-2581-4dfe-b9eb-6a8ddb7caf0e",
    "projectid": 4,
    "numberid": 25,
    "username": "elemer.erdosi",
    "userid": 26,
    "teamids": [
    "client_data": {
        "email": "",
        "scenario": [
                "valueid": 3,
                "fieldid": 7,
                "label": "Success",
                "export_value": "",
                "description": "1"
        "name": "Elemer Erdosi",
        "amount": "100000",
        "pci_currency": [
                "valueid": 8,
                "fieldid": 3,
                "label": "huf",
                "export_value": null,
                "description": ""
        "phone1": "36301234567",
        "termekek": [
                "valueid": 12,
                "fieldid": 10,
                "label": "Ticket",
                "export_value": "100000",
                "description": ""
        "contacts": {
            "1": {
                "name": null,
                "phone": "36304739238",
                "email": null,
                "title": null
    "timestamp": "2015-11-12T10:31:48+01:00"

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