Customer service

Supercharge your customer service.

Multichannel and blending

More communication channels and call blending for increased utilization.

Reliable telco service

Cost-efficient phone numbers, local and international telco service from a single provider

Higher success rate

Real-time quality control and Individual rating system for every call.

Companies providing better customer service using VCC Live


State-of-the-art customer service in just a few clicks

Key features for the perfect customer care helpdesk



International numbers
Call blending



Email ticketing
Email templates
Response statistics


Quality management

Rating calls
Agent module
Auto response



Recorded voice
File archiver
Unlimited store time



Instant chat
Web link



ISO 27001
ISO 22301

You need phone lines and numbers. We bring a fully-equipped telco service pack.

Every customer service and customer care helpdesk needs a reliable telco service provider. But setting up and managing phone lines and numbers doesn’t have to come at a high cost. As an experienced telco service provider we can provide you with a full telco infrastructure. This includes cheap call tariffs from as many phone numbers as you need. Your customer service or customer care helpdesk can enjoy always-available and clear lines, and still remain cost-efficient.

You decide how to blend agents’ tasks. We provide a multichannel solution and options.

Implement a multichannel or omnichannel customer service solution with fully functioning voice, email, chat and SMS. Provide flawless customer service even when there are no inbound calls. Blend outbound and inbound activities to achieve your customer care helpdesk’s full potential. Our multichannel solution for contact centers brings you the email ticketing, mass email and SMS, appointment reminders, and many more indispensable features.

You choose the level of quality. We supply you with the quality management tools.

Continuously improve your customer service, and easily follow agent progress and development on a monthly or quarterly basis. Use our quality monitoring tool for outbound and inbound call center activities, calls in IVR or queues, and rate your agents’ work accordingly. Handle and rate recorded and archived conversations quickly and easily for seamless quality monitoring.

Why VCC Live

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