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Péter Málhai
December 04, 2018
8 min read

Why VCC Live® is the Ideal Solution for Call Centers Utilizing Remote Agents

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In today’s ever-evolving workplace, if you aren’t prepared to react and adapt to change, it could have a dramatic long-term impact on your business. The call center industry, in particular, is undergoing significant changes at the moment, with the general trend seeing a huge shift from bricks-and-mortar to virtual premises.

In a previous article, we talked about the benefits of hiring remote agents in call centers. In this article, I’ll discuss some further benefits of utilizing remote agents, and show you how VCC Live®’s system allows businesses to make the most of the home agent model.

The move from bricks-and-mortar to virtual

There’s no doubt that the popularity of the home agent business model is skyrocketing. If you aren’t already considering utilizing remote agents, here are several reasons why you should be.

First of all, home-based agents are cost effective – for both sides. On one hand, by hiring remote agents, you can save a fortune on costs related to office space and IT infrastructure, as well as time on setting up your call center. On the other hand, working from home allows your agents to make savings on both public transportation expenses and time spent on commuting. Here at VCC Live®, we love win-win situations, and this is definitely a win-win, right?

In addition, flexible work hours can be beneficial to both employers and employees. Hiring a team of full-time agents and part-time remote agents will not only allow you to optimally allocate your resources but also let you prepare and react to peak periods. As for agents, flexible work hours and the opportunity to work from home can help them maintain an optimal work-life-balance, as well as keep their stress levels low. Indeed, it seems that employees are happier when working from home. And as we all know, happier agents are more productive agents.

Last but not least, another important benefit of leveraging remote agents is the opportunity for your business to provide multilingual customer service. And of course, by utilizing home-based agents, your business will be able to employ highly-skilled multilingual agents anywhere in the world, without being limited by geographic factors. Let’s say, for example, that your company needs to operate a call center in Germany, but needs to provide customer service in Spanish and French. In such cases, by relying on remote agents, you can easily hire native workforce instead of struggling to find the right agents in Germany while paying the extra cost for their language skills.

VCC Live®’s system – the ideal solution for utilizing remote agents

By now, you should be convinced about the pros of hiring remote agents. And, if you finally decided you need to leverage home-based agents, there’s only one thing left to think about: finding the ideal software solution to support your agents working from home.

And this is where VCC Live® comes in. Our cloud-based solution is the perfect tool for remote agents, with a number of our clients already benefiting from the solution’s features, such as real-time monitoring, which are specifically designed to fit the home-based workforce model. So, I recently asked our clients how their remote agents benefit from using our solution, and this is what they said:

Low technical requirements

As I’m sure you’ll be aware, providing the right IT infrastructure for a call center is extremely costly. With VCC Live®, however, your agents only require a USB and a headset, as well as a wired broadband internet connection, which is available in the majority of households.

Furthermore, our system can run on any computer, and is easy to download, requiring no specific IT knowledge. And it’s as easy to install as Skype or Google Chrome! Don’t forget, remote agents normally can’t just go into the next room to ask for help from the support team, so it is of utmost importance to provide them with a software solution that doesn’t require in-depth technical knowledge and have a complex IT infrastructure.

Easy-to-use solution

Providing training sessions for remote agents located all over the world often requires significant time and resources. As such, empowering agents with an easy-to-use solution is always a great idea, but if your call center relies on remote agents, then it’s an absolute must.

One of our clients, United Call Centers, a global leader in the call center industry using solely at-home agents, chose VCC Live®’s system in order to provide their remote workforce with an easy-to-use solution. Thanks to our user-friendly interface, their agents can easily master our system and therefore never experience any problems finding functions they need in order to best serve their customers.

In particular, one great advantage of VCC Live®’s system for agents is that it comes with an easy-to-use call center script editor, allowing your business to craft tailor-made scripts with multiple options, empowering your agents to access all the information they need during customer interactions.

All-in-one software

It goes without saying that making your agents navigate around several systems can negatively affect both your team’s productivity and your customer experience.

When it comes to working with at-home agents, another major advantage of VCC Live®’s system our clients highlighted is that all necessary features are available in an all-in-one solution. Therefore, your remote agents won’t need to spend their valuable time setting up several systems and navigating around them. Instead, they’ll be able to access all the features they need by using our all-in-one solution. As a result, your agents will be able to react to customer issues in a timely manner while providing exceptional customer service.

Last but not least, by relying on a single solution with all the necessary features for your system, you’ll be able to save significant time on setting up and starting your call center operations.

Customizable and easily scalable

As a global leader providing multilingual contact center services, United Call Centers, has handled more than 500 projects, from customer service, to telesales and technical support. By being able to customize our system based on their specific business needs, they can offer personalized customer service and tailor-made solutions to their customers. Their business results speak for themselves!

Be it a customer database or valuable customer insights, information can be easily imported to and exported from VCC Live®’s software. As a result, at-home agents will be able to easily handle customer data in our system, again, without having to rely on additional systems. And as we’re proud holders of the ISO27001 certificate, you can be sure that your data will be 100% safe with us.

Also, your center is likely to have to deal with an increased seasonal influx of customer calls throughout the year. You already know that in such cases you can easily scale up your business by relying on part-time remote agents. What you will also need, however, is VCC Live®’s easily scalable software solution, allowing your business to react successfully to peak periods.

As you can see then, with VCC Live®’s system, you can maximize your call center operations by leveraging the popular at-home workforce model. Let’s explore how VCC Live® can help your business, together. For more information, contact us today!

Péter Málhai
Péter Málhai is Chief Revenue Officer at VCC Live®. As a Contact Center expert with more than 15 years’ experience, his focus is on providing ongoing consultancy to organizations seeking to use technology to improve their customer relationships.