Power dialer to speed up number selection and call initiation

Power through your contact list with a dialer that automatically rings as many people as agents available.

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Accelerate your campaigns with VCC Live’s power dialer

Increase talk time without the fear of dialing too many people at the same time.

A power dialer is a form of automatic dialer that starts as many calls as there are available agents. Once a conversation ends and an agent is free again, the power dialer rings a new contact for them.

Power dialers save time on number selection and initiating the call, but the agent still needs to wait to be connected and might encounter voicemail.

In terms of automation, power dialers serve as the middle ground between manual and predictive dialing modes. In the following sections, you’ll read about the benefits and use cases of this method.


Explore the benefits of power dialing

Maximize productivity and automate tasks while still leaving enough prep time for agents.

  • Increase talk time

    Have as many calls as there are agents available in your operation.


  • Avoid overdialing

    Increase efficiency without the fear of initiating too many calls simultaneously.

  • Automate callbacks

    Ensure callbacks are never forgotten by opting for an automated solution.

  • Predefine call orders

    Choose if records shall be dialed sequentially or in an order of importance.

  • Leave prep time

    Leave enough time for your agents to prepare for personalized calls.

  • Set call limits

    Avoid disturbing contacts by setting a maximum number of call attempts.

Choose power dialing in these project types

Get to know some cases where using a power dialer can be an ideal choice.

There are several types of campaigns where power dialing can be a great option. As opposed to manual dialers, this method offers some automation, but usually leaves more pre-call and afterwork time than a predictive dialer.

For these reasons, power dialers are suitable for:

  • B2B campaigns requiring prep time and post-call administration from agents.
  • Social or political surveys where agents have highly personalized conversations with contacts and follow up with them later on in another call.
  • Campaigns with at least 200 records. For smaller databases, manual dialer may be more suitable.

More dialers in VCC Live

Check out other dialing methods to find the best option for your outbound campaigns.

  • Manual dialer

    Agents initiate calls manually, leaving enough pre-call and afterwork time between conversations. Ideal for highly personalized B2B campaigns.

  • Predictive dialer

    The system initiates more calls than agents available to minimize wait time between calls. Ideal for campaigns with large databases.

  • Outbound IVR

    Run fully automated campaigns with pre-recorded voice files and self-service options. Ideal for projects that do not necessarily require agents.

Support your campaigns with these features

Get to know some extra features to make your outbound projects more successful.

  • https://vcc.live/wp-content/uploads/2023/09/script-editor-icon-resized_V2.svg


    Enable agents to validate data, access step-by-step guides and use external tools during conversations.

  • https://vcc.live/wp-content/uploads/2022/11/customer-payments-icon-2022-1.svg


    Give customers the option to settle payments through a safe platform while still on the phone with an agent.

  • https://vcc.live/wp-content/uploads/2022/11/dashboards-icon-2022.svg


    Set up system and custom metrics and track them across your whole operation on one platform.

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Power dialer questions & answers

Power dialers initiate as many calls as there are agents available, while predictive dialers call more people than agents available. Predictive dialers use an algorithm to “predict” how many calls they need to initiate in order to maximize talk time. This algorithm is based on multiple factors, such as the quality of the database and the behavior patterns of records.

When choosing between predictive vs power dialer, some factors to consider include the size and quality of your database, your script, the number of agents you have and the average call length of the campaign.

If you use a predictive dialer in your campaign, you can set agent limits. If the number of active agents drops below the minimum value you set, your predictive dialer will automatically switch to power dialing mode to avoid too many dropped calls.

These are some of the most popular statuses that can be applied in power and predictive dialing:

  • Available
  • Call
  • Afterwork
  • Break


Be sure to implement enough break codes that your agents can use (like lunch break, training, 10-min break, etc.). This is an important step to avoid dropped calls – unless your agents indicate that they’re on a break, the dialer will assume that they’re available and will dial more phone numbers than what your team can handle.

In case of unsuccessful calls, agents do not have to set up callbacks manually. The system saves the call with the right disposition and dials the next record immediately.