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VCC Live® software’s standout features

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    +26% increase in successful calls

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    30-70% cost saving

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    10 min to learn

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    upto99.99% SLA

Use VCC Live® to contact your current and
potential customers quickly and easily.

VCC Live® is a comprehensive software solution that provides investment-free
professional call center software support to companies and organizations dealing with
all kinds of telephone activities. It’s the perfect solution for outsourced contact centers,
customer care departments, financial institutions, telemarketing companies,
debt collection organizations and market research firms.

Management functions

Project and database management
Effective project configuration and profit-and-loss statement option with optimal workforce distribution. Customizable database for each project. Option for MS Excel format import and export.

User management
Different user rights, with easy creation and modification options.

Script management
Comprehensively structured forms, simple and effective questionnaires.

Quality control management
Individual rating system for every agent call, allowing for continuous service improvement.

Fields of application

Managing outbound calls
Intelligent predictive dialer allows users to reach customers quickly and effectively. Large numbers of calls, automated email, SMS and more can all be handled efficiently.

Managing inbound calls
Run a high-quality customer service with the help of our IVR, virtual queue, ACD and SBR features. All calls immediately routed to the most appropriate agent.

Managing inbound and outbound calls
VCC Live®’s call distribution system, based on the relevant SLA, handles outbound and inbound call distribution in the most efficient way.

Contact Center functions

High-quality digital VoIP lines ensure high customer satisfaction at all times during business calls.

Automated email based on the outcome of a call, as well as the ability to receive incoming emails.

Customized text message at the end of each call. Relevant customer data can automatically be included.

Conversation management

Voice recording
Conversations between agents and customers are recorded on separate voice tracks. Each voice track can be given an individual name, and can contain any call-related data.

Real-time listening
Real-time call supervising, monitoring and joining in.

Voice file storage and download
Based on file size, recorded conversations can be stored indefinitely, and downloaded at any time.

Voice archiving software
Using standalone software, recorded conversations can be downloaded and archived.

Telecommunication services

International lines and phone numbers
VCC Live®’s telecommunication services allow customers to use our system at a competitive rate, and lets them make and receive phone calls using local numbers in over 150 countries, vital for international customer services.

Number portability
With the help of number portability your company can be reached on the same numbers by your business partners and potential clients.

SIP connectivity
Using SIP protocol, VCC Live®’s system can be integrated with other PBXs and telecommunication providers.

Reports and statistics

Monitoring agent activities
Individual reports, with customized data and structures.

Real-time call statistics
Monitoring of inbound and outbound activities, calls in IVR or queues, and dialer status. All system activity is continously visible.

Detailed call logs
Customized reports, statistics and charts to help monitor calls. The most important data is displayed on wallboards.

Mass exports
Results of agent groups working on multiple projects at the same time can be extracted using mass export.


DTMF keys pressed by the caller during a call are transmitted to another (typically ERP or CRM) system, influencing the IVR.

Database API and Webhook
Once a call ends, call data, agent-recorded data and call lists are automatically sent to another system using a REST-compatible API.

Script SDK
Complex questionnaires, up to 100 pages long, can be generated. Interface programming is available in JavaScript.

Web integration
All web-based ERP, CRM and other applications can easily be integrated with the agent interface in just a few seconds.

Data security and data protection

High-security data storage
All data is stored on multiple servers to prevent data loss. Data can be restored even if the storage device is damaged.

Encrypted communication
The system and stored data is protected by a regularly-updated restrictive firewall. Communication between the software and the securely-guarded central system communication connection is encrypted (SIPTLS, sRTP, SSL).

Multi-level user right management
Clients can define precisely what kind of data can be accessed, by whom and from where. For sensitive data (customer data, voice recordings) a separate reporting interface is available, where access is recorded. Customized password regulations for all security levels can be created.

Physical protection
The hardware supporting VCC Live®’s solution is located in a high-SLA and ISO 27001-certified T-Systems (Deutsche Telecom) Dataplex data center, where physical protection is provided, together with a highly strict pass system, dry fire protection and closed-circuit video surveillance.

Technology, development

Cloud-based service
The main advantage of the cloud is that VCC Live®, rather than customers, provides all hardware and software resources, as well as all telecommunication services. Customers can use it flexibly, on demand and instantaneously.

Unique development methodology
The focus of our business is our customers’ needs. Our development team uses Agile development methodology to rapidly satisfy all client expectations.

Development quality insurance
Our multi-stage testing methodology (automated, manual and stress) ensures that software errors are detected and corrected before release.

Service level
Thanks to our monitoring system, our service level is consistently high, providing customers with a continually stable service.

Minimal system requirements

Simple business hardware requirements

  • Processor: Pentium 4, AMD Athlon 64, or newer (32bit / 64bit)
  • Memory: 1GB RAM on a 32bit system, or 2GB RAM 64bit system
  • Graphics: compatible with DirectX 9 or newer with WDDM 1.0
  • Installation: 200MB of free disk space
  • Daily operation: 1GB of free disk space

Windows, Linux

  • Windows Platform: Microsoft Windows 7/8.1/10
  • Linux Platform: Ubuntu 14.04/16.04 (64bit)

For the best audio experience, a high-quality USB headset is needed.

Broadband internet connection
To ensure business-level quality while using VCC Live®’s solution you need a stable internet connection with a minimum upload and download speed of 100kbit/sec per workstation.

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