FAQ & Troubleshooting Managing Call Recordings FAQ

Managing Call Recordings FAQ

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The most frequently-asked questions we receive regarding call recording.

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How do I download all call recordings at once?

You can use the VCC Live® Archiver console application to archive and download call recordings. See Introduction to VCC Live® Archiver.

How long do VCC Live® servers store call recordings?

You can set how long voice files are stored. See To Manage Storage Settings.

Where can I find call recordings?

Read about listening to call recordings in the To Listen to a Call Recording section.

Why does downloading voice files fail using VCC Live® Archiver?

There can be a path length limitation:

The download path lenght may be too long. Microsoft® Windows® and Linux® operating systems have a maximum path length limitation of 260 and 4095 characters. Downloading voice files to a path exceeding the limitations will fail.

A file with the same name may already exist. The application does not start archiving files if it finds downloaded voice files with the same name. It sends an email to the supervisor about details of the unsuccessful archiving, such as the filename, projectID and uuid. Technical notifications must be enabled.

Alternatively, your version of VCC Live Archive may be outdated:

We regularly release software updates to VCC Live® Archiver, which may include general improvements, bug fixes, or new features. Due to these regular updates, the application — as every other software — can sometimes become outdated. Outdated applications don’t have access to the latest improvements, bug fixes, or new features.

In order to make sure you always use the latest version of VCC Live® Archiver, our system will continuously check which version you use. Outdated versions of the application will stop working soon after a new version becomes available.

You can download the latest version of VCC Live® Archiver from our Download site

In order to receive notifications about newer versions for your VCC Live® Archiver, the corresponding notifications section must be enabled.

You can enable this section to receive email notifications simply by the following steps:

  1. Navigate to VCC Live® Archiver > Profile.
  2. Mark the Technical checkbox.

Why is call recording not available?

The call recording function may be disabled, or the recording you are looking for has been deleted. See To Enable or Disable Call Recording.

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