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Make your email communication meaningful.

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Large number of emails

Timely processing of a large amount of incoming emails is now seamless.

  • automatic email distribution
  • templates and mass email
  • statistics
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Email ticketing

The right ticketing solution helps you prioritize tasks and fulfil your SLA.

  • SLA compliant
  • prioritization and related issue handling
  • deadlines
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Email automation

Automation helps you stay focused on where your attention is really needed.

  • disposition-driven emails
  • action-based feedback
  • customized email templates

Companies that are already enjoying the benefits of our email service

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We make email easy, so all you need to do is think of the content

What makes our email service better than others:


Receiving emails

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Email distribution
Email list
SPAM filter
Auto-response email


Sending emails

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Manual emailing
Disposition-driven email
Mass email


Ticket handling

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Soft and hard deadlines



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First Contact Resolution
Lead time
Email log
Ticket log



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Database API
Mailgun integration

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Concentrate on your core messages, not on distributing workloads.

When there is a large number of incoming emails for your agents to handle, stay focused on what’s really important with our automatic email distribution feature. Incoming email messages are automatically distributed among your agents, who each receive individual email queues. You can also send template emails and mass emails in response to changes in your business, or to share specific information and announcements with your customer network. Easily-accessible statistics show you the effectiveness of your email communication.

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Find the right balance between SLA, deadlines and priorities.

An efficient ticketing tool is extremely helpful when you need to follow up on open and ongoing issues. With the ticketing tool integrated in our comprehensive software solution you can easily follow up on tickets and the status of emails. It also makes it easy to track SLA performance and deadlines, as well as monitor statistics.

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Keep your focus on communication, and automate tasks that don’t need your attention.

When time is money, don’t waste yours on unnecessary tasks that can easily be automated using email automation. Our software solution allows you to set different parameters to trigger actions such as providing feedback or sending an email based on a specific disposition. As well as creating pre-designed email templates for these situations, you can also activate an auto-response email to let your customers know their email has been received and is being handled.

Why VCC Live®

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