Call Disposition (Async)

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When a disposition is set, the following object is sent to your site, encoded in JSON. For details about system default dispositions, see Dispositions.

Note: A Webhook request is only triggered if an agent user or the dialer sets a disposition. An admin or supervisor user setting a disposition will not generate a Webhook request.

Table of Contents

Request Object

Name Type Comment
agent_description string Comment added by the agent.
client_data object Custom data object, including contacts.
closed integer Shows that the record is closed or the PPD dialler is going to call it later. Possible values:
– 1
– 0
create_time string Time of disposition setting in yyyy-mm-dd hh-mm-ss format.
destination string Called party’s phone number.
direction string Direction of the call that is terminated with the disposition:
– in
– out
disposition object Disposition object.
first_outbound_call_attempt string Time of the first call attempt, regardless of whether the call was successful or not. Format: yyyy-mm-dd hh-mm-ss
numberid integer Record identifier.
projectid integer Project identifier.
source string Calling party’s phone number.
sum_attempted_calls integer Total number of call attempts.
teamids array of integers Array of teamids.
timestamp string Time of disposition setting in ISO 8601 format.
userid integer Agent identifier.
username string Agent username.
uuid string Call identifier.

Disposition object

Name Type Comment
assesment string Disposition assessment:
– success: call recipient reached
– ordered: call recipient reached and call goal achieved
– failed: call recipient not reached
callback integer Disposition Webhook attribute. Possible values:
– 1
– 0
comission_collector integer Disposition comission collection possibility attribute. Possible values:
– 0
– 1
comment_mode string Defines the possibility for agents to write comments. Possible values:
– allow
– force
– disable
commission integer Call centre’s commission, as defined by supervisor.
default string Disposition system attribute. Possible values:
– yes
– no
description string Disposition comment, as provided by supervisor.
hide_history integer Disposition hide possibility attribute. Possbile values:
– 0
– 1
id integer Disposition identifier in VCC’s database.
instant string Disposition auto-save possibility attribute. Possible values:
– yes
– no
label string Disposition export value, as provided by supervisor.
mode string Disposition status. Possible values:
– active
– inactive
– deleted
name string Disposition name.
phone_id integer Phone’s identifier.
price integer Agen’s commission, as defined by supervisor.
quota string Disposition quota attribute. Possible values:
– yes
– no
recall integer The default call-back time, in seconds, as defined by the supervisor for the given disposition. It is set only if the status is ‘recall’ or ‘shared_recall’.
status string Disposition type, specifying the actual status of the record. Possible values: see on the link (status key).
try_before_reach integer Number of call attempts before contact is reached.

Sample Request Body

    "disposition": {
        "name": "Successful",
        "assesment": "ordered",
        "status": "finished",
        "price": 0,
        "commission": 0,
        "description": "",
        "label": "",
        "recall": 0,
        "id": 14,
        "mode": "active",
        "quota": "no",
        "instant": "no",
        "default": "no",
        "commission_collector": 0,
        "hide_history": 0,
        "comment_mode": "allow",
        "callback": 1,
        "mobileEnabled": 0
    "agent_description": "test",
    "sum_attempted_calls": 1,
    "direction": "out",
    "source": "3617777777",
    "destination": "1234",
    "create_time": "2015-11-12 10:32:26",
    "uuid": "a7587a1a-2581-4dfe-b9eb-6a8ddb7caf0e",
    "projectid": 4,
    "numberid": 25,
    "username": "rachel.smith",
    "userid": 26,
    "teamids": [
    "client_data": {
        "email": "",
        "scenario": [
                "valueid": 3,
                "fieldid": 7,
                "label": "Success",
                "export_value": "",
                "description": "1"
        "name": "Rachel Smith",
        "amount": "100000",
        "pci_currency": [
                "valueid": 8,
                "fieldid": 3,
                "label": "usd",
                "export_value": null,
                "description": ""
        "phone1": "3630000000",
        "termekek": [
                "valueid": 12,
                "fieldid": 10,
                "label": "Ticket",
                "export_value": "100000",
                "description": ""
        "contacts": {
            "1": {
                "name": null,
                "phone": "3600000000",
                "email": null,
                "title": null
    "timestamp": "2015-11-12T10:32:26+01:00"

  • Daniel Urban

    Dear VCC:.LiveTeam,

    What’s the difference between int and integer?
    Kindly explain!

    numberid integer Record identifier.
    “numberid”: 25,
    projectid int Project identifier.
    “projectid”: 4,

    Best wishes, Daniel Urban

    • VCC Live

      Hey Dániel,

      Thank you for contacting us. Our Technical Content Team has reviewed the content and corrected it. It’s an integer.

      Kind regards,
      The VCC Live Team

  • Daniel Urban

    Dear VCC Live Team,

    Recently experienced that some fields are not filled with value, for example a lost inbound call won’t have an uuid. Can you include what fields can be empty and what’s not, please?

    Best wishes, Daniel

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