Initiating a Call

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Use the ‘/call’ resource to request VCC Live® Desk to initiate a call. Calls can only be initiated when the agent is in ‘available’ status.

The system will first look up the phone number you’re calling in the database, and if

  • A match if found, the existing record will open.
  • More than one matches are found, the record with the highest number ID will open.
  • No previously-created record is found, the system will create a new record.

Resource: http://localhost:[port]/call/[phone]
Example: http://localhost:37589/call/36123456789

If you want to create a new record in the agent’s primary project’s database whenever Click-to-Call is used, then use this resource:

Resource: http://localhost:[port]/call/[phone]?newRecord=1
Example: http://localhost:37589/call/36123456789?name=FullName&newRecord=1

Optional Parameters

You can use HTTP parameters to set fields.

Resource: http://localhost:[port]/call/[phone]?field1=value1&field2=value1
Example: http://localhost:37589/call/36123456789?name=Full Name

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