Keep in touch with your customers anytime, anywhere.

Instant messaging

Customers can instantly
chat to an agent with the appropriate
skills set.

  • easy integration
  • effective queue management
  • relevant skill levels

Multichannel chat

A chat service can easily be
integrated on any platform
your agents use.

  • webchat
  • Facebook Messenger

Omnichannel communication

Switching between communication channels helps you provide a better service.

  • email
  • voice
  • SMS

Clients discovering the benefits of chat communication

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A few clicks and you are ready to chat

Multichannel communication made easier than ever



Facebook Messenger


Real-time Communication

Multiple conversations
Instant response


Instant Messaging

Response suggestions
Chat message to everyone



Simple design



Chat greeting
Chat window



Queues and skills

Discover the benefits instant messaging can bring to your business.

Being available on chat and instant messaging platforms does not require lengthy tech development or large investments. Incoming chat messages allow you to answer user queries, provide technical support, as well as help customers find information on your website, and can even be used for sales and upselling activities. Chat allows agents to handle multiple conversations simultaneously, decreasing queues and wait time.

Chat with your customers, no matter what platform they use.

Different users prefer different chat platforms for communication, so being accessible on all of them is of the utmost importance. No matter if you use webchat or other chat platforms such as Messenger on your company website, your agents can process all incoming chat messages on the same software platform.

Effortlessly switch between channels for more efficient communication.

VCC Live’s software solution allows you to enjoy the benefits of multichannel communication for greater impact. While handling incoming chat messages, your agents can easily switch between communication channels such as email, voice, or SMS in order to provide a better service and achieve better results.

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