VCC Live Now Integrates With MS Outlook Calendar

March 08, 2019

Over the past few months, we’ve been working hard on a new feature that allows VCC Live to integrate with MS Outlook Calendar. We’re delighted to announce that the new feature has been launched! 

Integration, integration, integration. It’s a major buzz word we hear all the time in the call center industry, and not without good reason.

In call centers, it is integrations that help keep your customer data consistent and up-to-date throughout all your systems. It is also integration that allows your agents to use one single platform during customer interactions, instead of switching from one system to another.

As a leading call center technology solution provider, integration is a vital part of our work here at VCC Live®: our solution already works with several systems, including CRM tools, Facebook Messenger and Google Calendar.

However, although VCC Live’s system already works with Google Calendar, many companies also use MS Outlook Calendar to organize their work schedules and share events with co-workers. And so, a few months ago, we received a customer request from one of our German clients who wanted to also be able to integrate MS Outlook Calendar with our system.

And so now it can! How does it work? It’s simple. Using VCC Live’s interface, when an operator schedules a meeting during a customer interaction, the meeting is automatically added to the operator’s calendar.

Similarly, operators can also schedule meetings, let’s say a customer meeting for the company’s sales representatives, on behalf of their co-workers, without having to switch from VCC Live’s interface to Outlook Calendar. Furthermore, if an event is scheduled via Outlook Calendar, operators can see and check scheduled dates using VCC Live’s interface.

Our mission here at VCC Live is to continually provide our customers with a product that is custom developed to fit their needs. The introduction of this new MS Outlook Calendar feature is further proof of this mindset, which is one of the key reasons for VCC Live’s worldwide success.

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