What is a predictive dialer?

May 21, 2015

A predictive dialer is one of the most common tools in today’s contact centers helping increase talk time by using a sophisticated algorithm. This dialer can predict the workload of the operators and decrease their wait time, so that the number of minutes spent on effective calls is a lot higher.

All this can be achieved with the help of a special algorithm. Configured adequately, predictive dialers start as many calls as there are agents available. Operators don’t need to wait, once a call is finished a new connection is initiated immediately. Predictive dialers connect live calls to the operator who can start talking immediately.

Let’s take a closer look to find out why using this technique can result in as much as 80% utilization of agent capacity in a call center.

Keeping your agents busy

With predictive dialer calls are also initiated by the dialer, but the system continuously and dynamically calculates the number of calls it has to initiate to keep the operators busy. In a finely tuned system, this means that operators can spend as much as 40 minutes with effective calls per hour.

Predictive dialer dials three times the numbers from the database – not all calls are successful, especially if the database contains a lot of land numbers. According to Virtual Call Center data at first try depending on the quality of database 40-50 calls become live calls, at second try this rate is only 20-30%, and at third try this drops to 10-15%.

Icing on the cake: platform support and the predictive dialer

Predictive dialer is utmost efficient when integrated with a telemarketing platform, as happens with Virtual Call Center’s (VCC) technology. VCC uses an own, unique algorithm to optimize call management. Combined with other complementary system services it reaches 40-42 minutes of active calls per hour, which means a 90% capacity utilization. VCC technology drastically reduces waiting time for calls and need for post-call work by integrating its system with the CRM and ERP systems.

With integrated systems such as VCC’s operators spend most of their time doing work that leads to profit. This intensive solution increases business productivity by erasing idle minutes, without the need to hire the extra workforce.

Precise configuration is key

VCC’s predictive dialer (which comes with manual or power dial modes also, these may be needed in special situations) can be easily customized for every business need. If the dialer is misconfigured, the customer has to wait a long time for the call to be build up, leaving him/her in uncertainty whether who may be the caller. This misconfiguration is the source of all complaints. With precise configuration, it’s easily preventable. VCC offers fine tuning for its predictive dialer, using them precisely prevents all sorts of complaints.

In addition to predictive dialing, VCC Live’s system also offers essential, efficient and quality supplementary services such as logging, electronic data recording (and easy management of recorded data), handling callbacks, and supervisor functions.

Explore what’s possible with VCC’s predictive dialer

Predictive dialing is one of the key functionalities of VCC Live’s contact center software. Be sure to explore how our automatic dialing modes can help you greatly improve your agents’ performance.

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