VCC Live Partners Up With Axtel to Provide Companies With High-Quality Headsets

October 10, 2019

In order to provide your customers with the best experience, you’ll need to have the right tools. And in the call center, one of those tools is undoubtedly headsets.

And since it is agents who communicate with your customers and therefore represent your brand, you should make sure to equip them with the best quality headsets you can find.

Here at VCC Live, we’re not just simply a software solution provider. We also offer professional consultancy services, helping our customers find new ways to improve their performance.  Now we are taking things a step further by partnering up with Axtel in order to provide our customers with the best quality headsets around.

Axtel provides a wide range of high-quality headsets, IP phones and webcams. The headsets also come with full compatibility and functionality with our software.

Over the past few years, headset technology has advanced significantly, with features like noise-canceling and wireless capabilities bringing major benefits to the call center. But what should you look for when purchasing a headset? Let’s see!

Work environment

Is your call center too noisy? If the answer is yes, then you should definitely choose a headset model that includes noise-canceling as a feature. On the other hand, if your call center office layout has been designed to minimize background noise, then you can focus on other important aspects when purchasing headsets, such as comfort, for example.


Speaking of comfort, since your agents typically wear their headsets for 8 hours a day, it is of utmost importance to make sure you provide them with a comfortable headset. As such, make sure to look for a product that is lightweight, easily adjustable and comes with large ear cushions.

Sound Quality

Exceptional customer experience starts with crystal clear sound. This is exactly why you’ll need to choose a headset designed with sound quality in mind. Again, noise cancelling is one feature that enhances sound quality in headsets, as noise is a major issue in most call centers. So, definitely check for this when choosing the ideal headset. 

Axtel provides premium high-quality headsets, combining advanced sound technology with an original design in one interface that is designed for the most demanding user. Their headsets guarantee clear and flawless communication on both sides.

Axtel’s premium products provide not only top-quality sound and noise cancellation but are also extremely lightweight, offering agents possibly the highest level of comfort available on the market while wearing them. All headsets come with a two-year guarantee.

As well as being available to buy, it is also possible to rent Axtel headsets from us. Our customers usually prefer renting as, on the one hand, it’s a lot more cost-effective, and on the other hand, all headsets are changed to new ones every two years, with ear cushions being replaced every year.

VCC Live is happy to be able to help you choose the most ideal headset for your call center. To learn more, be sure to get in touch with us: contact us.

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