VCC Live expands its chat apps integration to include a huge range of platforms

March 08, 2023

VCC Live clients can now connect an extensive range of chat apps to our cloud contact center software. Apps such as WhatsApp Business, Viber, WeChat, Instagram, Telegram and more can all be directly integrated with our platform.

This follows our earlier integrations with the likes of Messenger and WhatsApp – platforms that have become critical in upholding effective customer communication and a positive customer experience.

Through the expansion of our chat app integration, clients can now handle all inbound messages in VCC Live. Agents can hold real-time conversations with customers, while also using capabilities such as chat queues, automatic replies, and live performance monitoring.

This integration will give our clients the ability to:

  • easily conduct real-time communication with customers for faster resolutions and increased customer satisfaction
  • boost convenience and accessibility for customers by allowing them to quickly contact client organizations from anywhere
  • help build great CX through readily answering customer questions and injecting more personalization into messages
  • focus on important customer queries by setting up automatic replies (canned messages) for frequently asked questions
  • enhance cost efficiency by enabling agents to handle more customer conversations and reducing phone reliance

Check out more about our chat apps integration.

This most recent development is another big step forward for us and our clients. Our commitment to a customer-first and solution-focused approach has seen us become recognized as one of the very best CCaaS solutions around according to users.

View the full G2 comparison here

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