Drive customer connectivity with our WhatsApp integration

Include the world’s most popular messaging app as part of your cloud contact center solution.

A new dimension of customer communications

Messaging applications are a crucial part of modern connectivity.
Enable customers and agents to freely connect via the world’s biggest messaging app.

  • Send and receive messages directly in our platform

    WhatsApp sits among our other communication channels and can be instantly switched to by agents without the need for any other application.

  • Use one WhatsApp account across multiple agents

    Assign as many agents as you need to just one number – meaning you can easily handle multiple inquiries at once and keep queue sizes to a minimum.

  • Create and manage tickets from chats

    Save the chat log and convert the conversation into a support ticket that can be referred to at any time – even if the customer contacts you via a different channel in future.

  • Swiftly transfer chats between agents

    Assign ongoing conversations to any agent or enable them to transfer between each other, meaning that your customers can easily connect to the best possible agent.

  • Inject personality with emojis

    Emojis have become an vital part of communication and are a language in their own right! Enable your agents to increase message engagement through their use.

  • Keep a constant log of all conversations

    All WhatsApp chats are stored in VCC Live’s GDPR-compliant log. Allow admins to enrich agent feedback and better understand customer behavior.

Level up your customer responsiveness

As soon as your clients reach out to your team via WhatsApp,
the assigned agent will receive the message right on their screen

Connect WhatsApp to VCC Live’s
platform in just two steps

Step 01

Enter your phone number in the WhatsApp tab of VCC Live’s platform and click “Connect to WhatsApp”.

Step 02

Click “WhatsApp Web/Desktop” in the Settings and use your phone to scan the QR code on your desktop’s screen.

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WhatsApp integration for your business

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