Measures Taken to Ensure Business Continuity at VCC Live During the Pandemic

March 13, 2020

With potential disruption from the current pandemic, we spent the last few weeks adding additional steps to our business continuity plan and testing our capacity to work remotely.

At VCC Live, we’ve always been committed to keeping your business safe and secure at all times, and took several steps throughout the years to ensure we’ll be able to continue providing you with the highest levels of service even in the event of an unexpected scenario.

Our ISO22301 certificate – an international standard for Business Continuity Management Systems – is the ultimate proof that our organization is prepared for the unexpected and will continue to operate without any major impact during such scenarios.

In light of the ongoing pandemic, we have taken additional steps to help keep our colleagues safe, and also prepared our team in the event of possible mass remote work:

1. We placed sterilizing products in our office and encouraged our colleagues to avoid any form of physical contact.

2. We provided all necessary infrastructure, devices and accesses needed by our workforce, enabling each of them to work remotely as required.

3. We reviewed and added new communications channels in order to keep internal and external communications secure and smooth at all times.

4. All employees are now required to take their laptop home every day, so that they can work remotely at short notice the next day if needed.

5. Everyone at the company has been offered the opportunity to work from home in case they feel this option is safer.

6. We canceled all external meetings and restricted internal meeting attendance to 3 people maximum.

7. We canceled all business trips and attendance at conferences in the forthcoming months

We can confidently say that all conditions have been met to allow VCC Live to be able to switch to mass remote working at a moment’s notice, ensuring that your business won’t be affected by any such transition.

In these business-critical times, acting quickly is key for the sake of both our employees and customers. We encourage everyone to take the same measures and wish good health to you and those around you.

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