Better CX with contact center automation

July 17, 2023

Contact centers are often one of the first points of contact between your company and customers. Ideally, these touchpoints are fully equipped to provide the best possible customer experience. Thanks to automation, contact centers can deliver a cost-efficient customer experience with heightened efficiency and results.

Talking to multiple prospects and clients looking for a better CCaaS solution, I noticed how popular different automation technologies have become – especially the ones that directly contribute to better CX. In this article, I’ll share three examples of contact center automation options which I think are talked about quite a lot these days.

Conversational IVR

Conversational IVR automates and simplifies customer service by replacing confusing menus and over-the-phone number choices by understanding simple, spoken language. This contact center automation technology allows your customers to use their voice when conducting simple commands as opposed to using menu interactions. With automation technologies such as conversational IVR, your customers can experience a seamless self-service that is able to process their personal data, their previous call history, and answer over 75% of their inquiries. By automating basic customer service interactions, your contact center can avoid unanswered calls and long wait lines, while enabling your customers to receive a simplified self-service based on their specific data and personal needs.

Omnichannel features

Multichannel communication means using several channels separately when interacting with customers. Omnichannel communication takes things to the next level by aligning the channels utilized with the help of contact center automation technologies. During customer interactions, agents need to easily switch between several channels (such as phone, SMS, chat, video) in order to provide clients with a seamless customer experience. By automating the task of switching between channels, agents can rely on an all-in-one solution that is able to integrate all the channels you use, as well as display comprehensive customer information on the same platform. The solution offered by VCC Live, for example, not only allows you to integrate your channels but also displays all your customer information on the same platform.

Web chat

Another contact center automation technology increasingly used within contact centers is the web chat function. With web chat, your company is able to deliver real-time support via chat on the platforms most frequently visited by customers. Web chat can answer user queries, and help find information on your website. This means that you can provide constant availability on the platforms that matter the most, without having to use human resources. Additionally, web chat can provide a highly-personalized customer experience with the help of customer data. Web chat is not only cost and resource-efficient but it is also becoming an expectation on the part of clients. According to a recent study, 52 percent of clients will make repeat purchases with a company that offers chat support.

All in all

Contact center automation technologies can help the daily work of agents and reduce costs. Most importantly, however, they enable a data-driven, seamless customer experience. With contact center automation technologies, such as conversational IVR, omnichannel features and web chat, clients can avoid long waiting queues, complicated menus, and scenarios where they have to repeat information previously discussed. Simple queries are assisted easily with the help of data-driven technology, enabling you to concentrate your human resources in places that matter.

Of course, automating things in your call center needs a constant trial and error approach. This is something that was highlighted by our contact center experts we interviewed recently on our blog.

Interested in contact center automation technologies?

These are just a few examples of how automation can boost efficiency and lead to better CX in the contact center. Our software offers a wide array of automation technologies including:

Sounds interesting? Contact us for a chat and demo, and we’ll be happy to help you take your contact center’s automation technologies to the next level.

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